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Sharon Kay Davis, fabulous wife, friend, music teacher, engineer, huntress, artist, specialty cook,
blues singer, pianist, cellist, bassist, violinist, accordionist, guitarist, seamstress, beloved wife and
all around fun person peacefully left us to soar in the heavens on Thursday May 16, 2019 at age
62. She taught music with great passion to children and adults alike. Sharon was born on April
16, 1957 to Donald and Helen Deatherage in Albuquerque New Mexico. Her survivors include
her husband, Mac, her mother, Helen, her sister, Audrey, her brother Curtis and a gigantic
extended family with “favorite” nephews named Spencer and Jeff, both musicians. She and Mac
were married on Friday, August 13th, 1993. They planned on outdoing her mom and dad and
being married for over fifty years. Sadly, Motor Neurone disease took her away long before her
time. She graduated from Manzano High School in 1975. Sharon got a Bachelor of Science
degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico, a Master’s degree in
Systems Science from the University of Southern California and a Master of Fine Arts degree in
education from the University of Phoenix. She loved children most of all and improved many,
many children’s lives teaching them music at Home School Connection and at home in
Westminster, Colorado. When Halloween rolled around, all the kids knew which house to go to
for the most scary decorations and even better treats. Sharon joined the Colorado School of Blues
just so she and Mac could play in a band together. When she wasn’t making sure everyone she
had invited to her blues jams had ample tacos made from her fabulous elk carne adovada, she
belted out her [rewritten from the girl’s point of view] renditions of Sixty Minute Man, Fever, and
Don’t Tease My Desire (Great Balls of Fire) in her own unique, sultry, sexy, enthralling voice. If
she wasn’t playing music, she was dancing west coast swing or jitterbug or cha-cha or tango or
salsa with her husband. When she took a ceramics class with a kiln, she made so many
magnificently exquisite masks, she covered a wall in her home with them. After she got her first
elk, she would look at her husband’s and say, “Puny.” She loved her dogs like they were her
children, renaming elk hunt to doggie vacation, and grieved sorely when she lost them. She
planted an orchard on her land, which we hope will bear much fruit well into the future. Her Toro
zero-turn mower gave her much needed breaks from moving into the house she designed. She
touched the life of everyone who knew her. We all miss her more than imaginable. Love Funeral
Home will post this and a tribute to her on its webpage. A memorial service, reception and music jam for Sharon K. Davis, will be Saturday July 27th 2019 at 2 p.m. all at Sharon and Mac's Place.                          



                                                The Love of My Life
                                      for Sharon Kay Davis

You made my life worth living. You gave me inspiration. You taught me to love and you taught
me to feel. More importantly, you taught me that you were the place where I could be me.
You made music and you brought the music out of me. You joined the School of Blues so you
and I could play in a band together. It was great fun and a great experience. I depended on you
to keep me on beat, on key and in the groove. Because of you, I realized I valued intellect in a
woman over anything. At my behest, you put a spell of love on me, and did no harm.
We danced in magic at Pinkie’s and became the magic couple. Our style was us. You made it
so. You didn’t know how to dance at first, then, you became better than me. I remember you
tapping out the back beat on my shoulder so I could stay in time with the music. I should’ve
known better than to dance with a musician. We went to dance lessons whenever and wherever
we could. Square dance, anyone? Ward Carter was our home away from home and then
Marion’s. It was always fun and memorable.
With your patience, I learned the lies my teacher told me. Always steady, always sure of the
reality, you prevailed over conventional wisdom. The Pagan origin of Christmas. The Pagan
origin of Easter. The lies had been soundly beaten into my head. You patiently removed them
and replaced them with proven reality. For that, I’ll be forever in your debt. I owe you my life
anyway, so there’s no difference. And, told me, Life’s too uncertain . . . Eat dessert first!
Had I not met you, I would never have gotten a dog again. You changed all that. You taught me
that the pain I experienced from losing them was part of life. Czar was your big Giant Schnauzer
that you had no idea how to handle. Murphy Dog was your miniature Schnauzer that was your
baby. All you knew was Czar was beautiful and you wanted him. I just trained him. And then
Mitzi, and then Suzi, then Zigi, then Gator, then Brigit. After Brigit lived to be sixteen years,
seven and a half months, we thought we’d never get a dog again . . . until your malady pushed
you to want another and you answered Dewgi’s siren call. I worked with him, and you told him,
“Dewgi, you’re the best dog we’ve ever had and you come in a line of exceptionally good dogs.”
When he was injured, you mourned, when he was well, you rejoiced. He licked your hand when
you went to bed and snuggled as close as he could without hurting you. He was your little guy.
Your motor neurons continued to fall apart, leaving the beautiful, energetic, artistic, kind, caring,
friendly, warm, intelligent, fabulous you trapped in a body less and less able to function and
unable to cope with a harsh world. It continued despite our anathemas of it as the most evil in
the world. It was anathema to your soul and spirit and did its best to crush you. Finally, you won
and joined the Goddess in the Heaven of Mother Earth. May the Goddess watch over your soul
and may you soar the heavens for eternity.

by MC DAVIS 05/17/2019

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