Our History

According to the Colorado Funeral Directors Association records, funeral service provided Love Funeral Home dates back to 1910. 
Below is our "Family Tree" that covers more than 100 years of service to the residents of Eastern Colorado.

1910, Russell Gates
1915, W.H. Heizerman
1915-1925, F.C and Mrs. Lela Kenaga
1925, W.O. Campbell
1930-1939, Diets Funeral Home, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Mayhew Diets
1939-1946, Seal's Funeral Home, owned by Velman and Rieta Seal
1946-1964, Buchanan Funeral Home, owned by James W. Buchanan
1964-1972, Buchanan-Love Funeral Home, owned by Kenneth Love
1972-1988, Love Funeral Home, owned by Kenneth Love
1988-1992, Love Funeral Home, owned by Kenneth Love who sold to his son and wife
1978-2000, Love Funeral Home, owned by Earnest Kent Love and wife Lori Love
2000, Love Funeral purchased by Tim and Kristy Daum
2000-2017, Love Funeral owned by Tim and Kristy Daum
2017, Love Funeral Homes purchased by Kevin Wolfe and partners, Rick Elliott, John Seitz and Jonathan Seitz
2018 - Present,  Love Funeral Homes opens a new location in Strasburg, CO

L-R back, Rick Elliott (Burlington and Cheyenne Wells), Kevin Wolfe (Limon and Strasburg), John Seitz; front, Jonathan Seitz

We know that being the "New Kid" in town naturally raises some suspicion.  Our business, more than many, calls for a solid foundation of trust.  Love Funeral Home has been serving Eastern Colorado for a long time; and we are proud to open this new location in Strasburg to more conveniently serve those needing our service along the I-70 Corridor.  Please give us that opportunity to earn your trust. Combined, our owners/funeral directors have more than 75 years of service to families in Colorado.  We are not a huge, out of state conglomerate.  We don't answer to a distant Board of Directors; we answer only to ourselves and more importantly to the families we serve.